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We believe that member states should gain something from the alliance. Hence why we we offer a wide range of useful projects.

All projects are optional but might require full membership to participate.

Development / collaborative
Cupertino Alliance Guide

The Cupertino Guide is a free, extensive, but easy to use guide on various micronational topics. We currently offer how to use MicroWiki, however we plan to extend this to how to create a micronation, etc. The Guide also provides resources, such as consitution templates and photos.

Cupertino Guide Document Templates

Also apart of the Cupertino Guide, we provide free documents like a declaration of indepedence and constitution for anyone to use. You will require to have at least one of these documents are required for CA membership.

Cupertino Application Support Centre

The Cupertino Application Support Centre provides a friendly and active space alongside other newcomers and veterans of the community. The aim of this project is to develop your nation to a standard eligble for membership in this alliance.

Noted tour

Apart of Jayden Lycon's retirement projects, the Noted project brings delegates closer through a piece of paper and a drawing. Participants get the paper, then sends it off to another address for another delegate to sign it, etc. Page work in progress.

Publications and press
Cupertino Alliance Factbook

The Cupertino Factbook is the premier guide on governmential, population, and geographical information for our member states. Sourced from the Cupertino Alliance census as well as from other governments, it remains one of the most collaborative works in the community. The last edition was on February 2021, with plans to renew for the summer season.

Capstone Tribune

The Capstone Tribune newspaper is a combined publication by participating news sources of the CA, providing you a recap of news within member states in an A4 format. We handle the distribution, and you get increased viewership.

Cupertino Gazette

The Cupertino Gazette newspaper is the offical gazette of the Cupertino Parliament and is the one of the most fastest ways to get infomation about sessions.


The Nutmeg project is an news platform across participating CA member states. Members can use Nutmeg to publish their articles, as well as use Nutmeg to get news relating to CA member states. Nutmeg can be used to increase news viewership and activity.

Cupertino Alliance Printer

The Cupertino Alliance Printer is our publishing arm and manages the publishing of books and other materials by the alliance. A majority of our work is published under Creative Commons, ensuring that everyone can use them for free.

Cupertino Natural Interest of Nature

The Cupertino Natural Interest of Nature project aims to increase information about as well as maintain natural areas. Eligble parks can get graded on a scale, and would appear on this website. These grades come at a price of park maintenace, in hopes of ensuring that we maintain a clean environment


The GreenCities project funds plant seeds within CA member states. Users can get some seeds paid by the alliance for planting purposes. Users will also get signs that they can print signs to indicate the seed.

Cupertino Electorial Supervisory Commission

The Cupertino Electorial Supervisory Commission provides reliable election monitoring services and / or free animated video graphics for CA member states to use.

Cupertino Alliance Census

The Cupertino Alliance Census collects populational data from participating nations, for use in the Cupertino Alliance Factbook.

Edinburgh System

The Edinburgh System is an MicroWiki page quality grading system to incentivise users to improve their MicroWiki pages. Page work in progress.

Calgary System

The Calgary System is an photo grading system to award valued/quality photos on MicroWiki. Page work in progress.

North Lincolnshire

The North Lincolnshire project provides design assistance, advising, and work for free to member nations.

Lycon Cross

Apart of Jayden Lycon's retirement projects, the Lycon Cross is an award eglible for all citizens within Cupertino Alliance member states. It is awarded usually once every 6 months, and the winner must show that he/she demonstrates the greatest efforts in achieving our mission- development, cooperation, peace, and trust. The winner also achieves a free month of Discord Nitro.

The winner for February 2021 was Daniel Hamilton of Australis.

Cupertino Service Ribbons

The Cupertino Service Ribbon and Cupertino Citizenship Recognition Ribbon are awarded for hard-working and passionate individuals to their member state. The former is awarded to retired delegates, whilst the latter is awarded to any citizen of a Cupertino Alliance member state.

The motto, "Le désir d'améliorer la communauté" (“The desire to improve the community.”) reflects their hard work and are awarded with an electronic ribbon (left for Service Ribbon, right for Citizenship Ribbon) and post-nominals (CUP for Service Ribbon, CCR for Citizenship Ribbon).

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