Are you ready to join?

Interested in joining? We would love to have you be apart of this great alliance! Since our founding on 28 January 2020, we have grown to amass into one of the community's well known organizations, with a lot of members working together for the mission of this alliance.

Members get access to our wide-range of useful projects, including participating in the critically acclaimed Cupertino Alliance Factbook, our famous video electoral graphics, and access to a friendly and active space encouraging collective growth.

Everything's free. No hidden costs in these projects unless it is clearly listed. All you pay to us is your activity within the alliance.

Feel free to take the self-assesment to see if you are eligible. The membership process includes a short observer period before you are granted full membership.

Consider using some of these resources
Cupertino Guide Chapters 1 and 2

The Cupertino Guide is a free, extensive, but easy to use guide on various micronational topics. We currently offer how to use MicroWiki, however we plan to extend this to how to create a micronation, etc. The Guide also provides resources, such as consitution templates and photos.

Cupertino Guide document templates

Also apart of the Cupertino Guide, we provide free documents like a declaration of indepedence and constitution for anyone to use. You will require to have at least one of these documents are required for CA membership.


The Cupertino Application Support Centre provides a friendly and active space alongside other newcomers and veterans of the community. The aim of this project is to develop your nation to a standard eligble for membership in this alliance.


Due to overwhelming demand for membership, a process has been instated to ensure that the most committed members for the alliance are admitted (§3 & 4, Membership (Reorganization) Act, 2020).

The membership process is carried by the Ministry of Membership Attainment, currently Leon Montan (Ponderosa Hills's 1st constituency). Once you send in your application, remarks are produced by the Ministry to gain information about your nation, which is then presented to Parliament. After three readings in Parliament (to ensure that all members can get a say regardless of timezone), they vote you in.

In observer period, you can attend sessions but can not use projects. This period is in the process so that you can show that you would be committed in this alliance. If you stay in the alliance for a minimum of two weeks, and attend at least one session, you will be processed for a membership upgrade. During this upgrade, Parliament can keep, retain, or expel you depending on your performance (Note that upgrades are usually one reading).

Finally, Parliament votes on your upgrade. If it passes, welcome to the team! You get full access to all projects and get to run for positions within the alliance! If you fail, that is okay. Everyone fails, feel free to use the resources above and talk to Members of Parliament for tips and tricks to improve your micronation.