Welcome to the CA
"By being in the Alliance, you've already shown yourself as a nation that is trustworthy, successful and can be counted on. As we come together to work on issues we have in common and find ethical, practical solutions, we must also realize that the outside world is also looking at this alliance." - WILLIAM EFTON
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About the CA
A micronational organization committed to the development and improvement of member nations.

There are many organizations in the micronational community. So many in fact, they are often referred to as "YAMO"; "Yet Another Micronational Organization". They often exhibit the failure of identifying problems in the community, many of which their members contribute to.

What make the Cupertino Alliance different, is that we work to stop the ever-growing problem of inactivity within the micronational community.

Not just another micronational organization, the CA makes every effort to be the micronational organization. We speak sense, and respect your opinion. We have access to useful agreements, documents and resource. Everything we have put into place is for our members. We are a rising star in the micronational community.

Members gain access to all programs, get to run for Chair, Lieutenant Chair, Superior Judge, Associate Judge, and ministerial positions, as well as be allowed to appoint 3 delegates.
Provisional Members do not have access to programs nor are allowed to run for positions, but are allowed to appoint 3 delegates to report to Parliament.
All delegates of the Cupertino Alliance report to Parliament in a session, where delegates discuss Cupertino Alliance legislation, issues, new programs, and the such.
Delegates represent their nation that they were appointed by, report to Parliament where they vote and discuss on issues and legislature, and can participate in Alliance events, run for positions, etc.
We believe that one's nation must benefit in joining an organization. Hence why we have a lot of useful projects.

We're Active
We have weekly meeting where CA delegates propose legislation to be passed. Member nations frequently have elections, and a majority of their citizens are involved in their respective governments.
We've developed programs like Nutmeg and the Noted project, connecting members with other members. Many members in the alliance have also recongized and helped each other.
We Care
Our member nations are important to us, and so are those nation's activity levels. We try to improve them through forming treaties, making agreements, and working on your nation's behalf.
Quality over Quantity
Instead of looking at applicants at face value, we independently research applicant. We search social media, discord, MicroWiki, their webpages, and more. This familiarizes us with the application, and helps us better understand their problems. Something vital for member development.
Subsequent Sessions
List of sessions after next upcoming session.
  • 22:00 UTC
  • Parliament Hall, Discord
  • 19:00 UTC
  • Parliament Hall, Discord
  • 14:00 UTC
  • Parliament Hall, Discord
See what our members have to say

In my opinion, the Cupertino Alliance has greatly benefitted Australis. We have been able to form diplomatic relations and sign treaties of bilateral recognition with other member states, which has greatly improved the influence and reputation of Australis. In October 2020, I was given an opportunity to take the place of Minister for Asian and Oceanian Affairs. As of 1 December 2020, I have hosted about 6 out of 47 sessions as part of my responsibilities as a minister. As a member of the Cupertino Alliance, I have been able to assist others and enjoy my time in the Alliance. Membership in the CA also provided a gateway for Australis to be accepted into the prestigious Grand Unified Micronational. I would certainly recommend that any aspiring micronations apply for membership in the Cupertino Alliance.

Former delegate, head of Australis, and former MicroWiki patroller
The Team